Stained Glass


All fine design stained glass is designed and constructed by Danny Simpson. That’s still me. All patterns that I create are original to serve the particular application for windows, doors, cabinet doors, lamp shades. All work is priced by a formula based on $80 per square foot. Inches x inches = square inches, divided by 144 = square feet. For example a window 24″ x 36″ = 864 square inches, divided by 144 = 6 square feet x $80 = $480. The first 12 pieces of glass per square foot are included in the area price, so for this example that would be 12 x 6 = 72 pieces. I also do repairs for damage to glass or metal.

Click on thumbnail for larger view and to start slide show. Click on “Next” or “Previous” to change images. Most pieces were commissioned and are Not For Sale (NFS). Pieces available will have prices show.